Ronald A Miller

Vice President & Treasurer
Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg Co

Silveredge has always been our primary resource for new and innovating solutions for our BPCS/AS400 based software systems. We have utilized Silveredge’s consulting services since the late 1980’s and have been very pleased with their service, availability at a moments notice, knowledge and competitiveness. They are a Great Resource.

Jeff Marcum

Former Worldwide Director, DePuy Franchise
Johnson & Johnson, Information Technology

…I count the decision to bring Silveredge on board as one of the best of my career and the relationship between our people to be a model for how outsourcing should work.

Tony Elfstrom and Fran Soda

President and IT Director
Schmolz & Bickenbach, USA Inc.

Competent and fast with a good understanding of business processes which made crucial communication so much easier and less time-consuming. We have worked many years with them and always receive the best service.

Kent W. Fletcher

GC America Inc.

GC America achieved a very successful implementation and the Silveredge consultants were an integral factor in achieving that success. Silveredge not only brought the requisite functional knowledge and technical skill to the project, it also executed that most difficult element of all consulting assignments: it transferred knowledge and responsibility to GC America effectively, responsibly and on a timely basis. The Silveredge team left the GC America team competent and confident in our on-going management of our new SAP world.

Bill Weigel

Director of Information Technology
Stenograph, L.L.C.

We want you to know how much we appreciate the professional service provided by you and your staff. Silveredge is the standard of excellence that we use to measure other firms. That excellence is complimented by a fair and reasonable billing process. You have a fantastic team. Thank you for your continued support.