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IBM Announces 7.4 for IBMi! IBMi 7.4 almost here!

April 24th, 2019

After waiting three years, IBM has announced the new release for IBMi 7.4, on April 23.  Features include security, application development enhancements, and additional functionality for accessing the IBMi itself.

IBM believes the strongest and most awaited enhancement in IBMi 7.4 is Db2 Mirror for i.  Long known for reliability, IBMi has added a “continuous availability” feature for those in the community that cannot rely on traditional availability models.  This model leverages two i instances likely across two Power Systems using a super high speed connection, RoCE.  Applications can access both systems interchangeably if configured as such.  Seamless integration is the result by updating both data sets simultaneously.

We found the general overview of the security enhancement “Authority Collection” intriguing.  Establishing proper authority is complex, often meaning the default is to provide more  authority than required to ease the burden of analysis.  This tool traces through the processes and identifies the minimum level of authority required to accomplish a task.   This type of analysis may be too arduous or too technical for many application development teams to undertake and should help lock down applications and data more appropriately.  We are interested!

General availability of the release is expected June 21, 2019.  Read the initial announcement here:

IBM Announcement

The COMMON conference in Annaheim, Power Up 2019, will have plenty of IBM presence and further information!  Remember to visit us at our booth!

POWERUp 2019

AS/400 Future: IBM i Strategy and Roadmap

April 15th, 2019

Need information from IBM regarding the IBM i Strategy?


Curious about the IBMi or the AS/400?  Are you an IT Executive planning for your critical business applications?

While this came out a while ago, it makes sense to read this if you missed it.

IBM published this in 2016 as a white paper for IT Execs to understand the IBM i and where it is headed.  It may not answer all of your questions for sure.  But is makes sense to keep an eye on their published information.  It does help strengthen low cost of ownership argument.  There’s good information on server consolidation and other movement happening in the IBMi world.

Regardless, read it and keep in in mind as you strategize your critical business applications.  You will find support  from IBM.

The link:  IBM i Strategy and Roadmap

AS/400 Education: COMMON POWERUp19 and Silveredge Consulting

March 4th, 2019

Spring is well on it’s way, which means the COMMON POWERUp19 Conference is fast approaching! This year’s conference is in Anaheim, CA from May 19th through 22nd. Additionally, there will be preconference sessions on May 18th. Take advantage of this great opportunity for AS/400 education!


This year’s conference features nearly 100 speakers presenting over 300 sessions covering at least 21 areas to help your company get the most from your investment in the AS/400 system and for you to advance your IT skills and career.

There’ll be sessions to enhance your technical skills, such as: Application Development; Database (DB2);  High Availability Resilience; IT Leadership and Management; IT Strategy; Linux; Lotus Collaboration; Mobile and Modernization; Open Source Languages; RPG; Security; Systems Management; Virtualization; and Web Applications.

Additionally, there are courses to improve your “soft” skills, such as Client Connectivity, Developing Business Skills, and Networking. Participants may focus on a single area or participate in sessions from multiple areas, whichever option best fits your needs.


This year’s EXPO promises to be very busy this year as well! EXPO is an incredible networking opportunity to meet with IBM i vendors, including Silveredge. Stop by and say hi to Lou Boers, VP-Technical Services and at least one of our consultants. Don’t forget to register for our raffle, and let us know where we can help. Chances are – we’ve done that!


Furthermore, the COMMON POWERUp19 Conference will also be offering participants the chance to take COMMON certification exams that will allow you to demonstrate to others your commitment to your IT development. These exams include:  Associate AIX 7; Business Computing Associate; Business Computing Professional; Associate IBM i 7.1 Administrator; Certified Associate Application Developer – ILE RPG Programmer; and COMMON Certified Application Developer – ILE RPG on IBMi.

For more detailed information including registration info, please visit COMMON POWERUp19 Conference & Expo – IBM Power Systems Education.

We look forward to seeing you there!

RPG & DB2 Spring Summit 2019. Come and Meet Silveredge.

February 19th, 2019


We’re all getting ready for the RPG & DB2 Spring 2019 Summit in Charlotte, NC, from March 26th – 28th. Similar to previous years, a “headstart” day of several hands-on workshops will be offered on Monday, March 25th.


This summit is a great way for developers to augment their IBM i skills and knowledge. Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, and Paul Tuohy will be joined by many additional industry renowned guest instructors who will present more than 50 sessions over the three days in a vast array of pertinent IBM i subjects. These will include the latest methods and best practices for immediate use in IBM i application innovation, web development, and mobile apps. More precisely, the topics will include: Python; RDi; ILE; Free Form RPG; DB2 for i strategies; Application Modernization; Best Practices for Modern RPG Coding; Favorite RPG Tips; and other modern tools.

SQL will once again be a significant focus at this year’s summit, and there will be plenty of new sessions dedicated to it. More specifically, sessions are offered on SQL for RPG Programmers; SQL Procedure Language for RPG Programmers; Best Practices; Writing Tips and Techniques; and many, many more. Seats are filling up fast!

And as always, there will also be lots of networking opportunities! During this year’s summit, you’ll have lots of chances during breaks, lunches, dinners, and the expo segments to talk with the guest instructors, vendors, and your peers in a slightly more casual and highly educational setting.


In addition to all of the informative sessions, the EXPO is the place to be! Please join us at the Silveredge booth to chat with Lou Boers, VP-Technical Services and a consultant. We provide programming and analytical services to the IBMi community, driving value and quality to our customers and we’ve been doing that successfully since 1987.  We always look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Sign up for our raffle and let us know how we can help you. Chances are – we’ve done that!

WHERE TO REGISTER for the RPG & DB2 Spring 2019 Summit

For more detailed information and registration information on the Summit, please visit System i Developer – The RPG & DB2 Spring 2019 Summit. You will be glad you did!

WMCPA Spring Technical Conference 2019 and Silveredge Consulting

February 11th, 2019


For all IBM i Developers…it’s time to start thinking about the Wisconsin Midrange Computer Professional Association (WMCPA) Spring 2019 Technical Conference in Delavan, Wisconsin from March 12th – March 14th.


For three days they’ll offer over 50 sessions of technical training in areas ranging from SQL, RPG, Security, and open source. These include the latest tips, techniques, and best practices for immediate use in IBM i application modernization, web development and mobile apps. This group brings together IBM i customers from all over the Midwest. Most importantly, this event is a tremendous educational opportunity and a chance to network and meet with vendors in the IBM i space.

At the conference, you will have a ton of opportunities during lunches, breaks, dinners and cocktails, and the expo portion to interact with the speakers, vendors, and your peers in an informal, and very informative, setting.


In addition to the sessions, the EXPO is always of interest.  Don’t forget to stop by the Silveredge booth to say hello to our consultants.  We are looking forward to seeing familiar faces, as well as meeting new ones.  While there, take the time to register for our raffle and let us know how we can help you.  Chances are – we’ve done that!

WHERE TO REGISTER for the WMCPA Spring 2019 Technical Conference:

For more information, please visit