ERP Support for IBM i, iSeries & AS/400

Customize, maintain, integrate or migrate your ERP system without adding developers to your in-house staff

Your IBM i development staff has been stable and productive for years. But as developers leave or retire, it gets more difficult to find people with the right skills to replace them.

Many CIOs face tremendous pressure to migrate to other ERP platforms, only to discover they need three times the hardware and staff to recreate similar functionality.

To preserve your investment in your ERP system, you need experienced resources to help your IBM i staff maintain and extend its functionality.

You’ll find the experience you need at Silveredge. Our team has implemented a range of projects for all major IBM i ERP packages.

  1. Maintenance of legacy code
  2. Custom development for new functionality
  3. Integrations with other systems, Web services, EDI
  4. Modernization of code or user interfaces
  5. Upgrades to the latest release for heavily-modified packages

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AS/400 ERP Expertise

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