AS/400 Education: COMMON POWERUp20: We’re Virtually There!

August 28th, 2020

At long last, COMMON POWERUp20 is finally here! This year’s conference has been rescheduled and virtualized and promises to be just as engaging as ever.  The conference will run virtually from September 14th through 17th, with workshops following on September 18th. As always, this is a great opportunity for AS/400 education and networking!


Over 100 speakers will present over 250 sessions covering at least 15 areas to help your company leverage your investment in the AS/400 system and for you to advance your IT skills and career.  (Yes, we know that it is no longer the AS/400.  Problem is: search engines show everyone still searches on AS/400 rather than the re-names!)

There’ll be sessions covering areas to enhance your technical skills, such as: Application Development; Business Development;  Database; Internet of Things (IoT); Middleware; Open Source Languages; RPG; Security; Systems Management; Virtualization; and Web Applications. Focus on a single area or participate in sessions from multiple areas, whichever works best for you.


All of this means this year’s EXPO will be more exciting than ever! EXPO is an incredible networking opportunity to meet with IBM i peers and vendors, including Silveredge. Stop by our virtual booth and say hi to Sue Boers (President), Ambrose Marton (co-founder), and some of our consultants.  With the number of hours available to you, we should be available most of the time in addition to the Expo hours.

Let us know how we may be able to help you.  In addition to chat, we can set up zoom meetings on the fly for a more personalized experience. No matter what challenges you are facing, chances are – we’ve done that!

More Information

For more detailed information including registration info, please visit COMMON POWERUp20 Conference & Expo – IBM Power Systems Education.

We look forward to seeing you there!