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IBM Announces 7.4 for IBMi! IBMi 7.4 almost here!

April 24th, 2019

After waiting three years, IBM has announced the new release for IBMi 7.4, on April 23.  Features include security, application development enhancements, and additional functionality for accessing the IBMi itself.

IBM believes the strongest and most awaited enhancement in IBMi 7.4 is Db2 Mirror for i.  Long known for reliability, IBMi has added a “continuous availability” feature for those in the community that cannot rely on traditional availability models.  This model leverages two i instances likely across two Power Systems using a super high speed connection, RoCE.  Applications can access both systems interchangeably if configured as such.  Seamless integration is the result by updating both data sets simultaneously.

We found the general overview of the security enhancement “Authority Collection” intriguing.  Establishing proper authority is complex, often meaning the default is to provide more  authority than required to ease the burden of analysis.  This tool traces through the processes and identifies the minimum level of authority required to accomplish a task.   This type of analysis may be too arduous or too technical for many application development teams to undertake and should help lock down applications and data more appropriately.  We are interested!

General availability of the release is expected June 21, 2019.  Read the initial announcement here:

IBM Announcement

The COMMON conference in Annaheim, Power Up 2019, will have plenty of IBM presence and further information!  Remember to visit us at our booth!

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