Transportation & Logistics Applications for IBM i, iSeries & AS/400

Eliminate paper, errors and inefficiencies with additional transportation/logistics automation and integration

You’ve watched as new technology has opened a world of possibilities for improving transportation and logistics systems.

You see many opportunities to streamline your own processes: reduce the use of paper, automate more of the workflow, incorporate new technology, and communicate directly with ERP and EDI systems.

If only your IBM i team had the resources!

When resources are tight, turn to Silveredge to help your IBM i team improve the quality of your transportation/logistics services while cutting costs.

With experience automating each step of the process within many different environments, Silveredge brings both technical and business skills to get the job right the first time.

Your solutions can communicate across multiple platforms and to most ERP systems. They can incorporate technologies such as GPS, mobile devices, barcoding, and RFID to achieve real-time, paperless transaction processing. They can integrate with your partners’ EDI systems to provide advance ship notices as part of your shipping process.

You can rely on Silveredge to deliver projects like these on time, without drama.

Project Proficiencies

  • Automate Order Allocation through Shipping
  • Automate Receiving Process through Put-away
  • Real-time Shipping Integration with Automated Bills of Lading
  • Integrate ERP Systems with Smart-Routing Software
  • Integrate EDI with Shipping/Receiving
  • Mobile Access to Applications
  • Incorporation of Barcode & RFID Systems

Contact us to discuss how other IBM i teams have leveraged our experience to reliably automate transportation and logistics functions.