Friedman Frontier/HFA Consulting for IBM i, iSeries & AS/400

Tame the unique pressures and constraints of made-to-order manufacturing with ERP enhancements & web-enablement

You’re under pressure to streamline discrete to-order manufacturing workflow, integrate with other systems, modernize user interfaces – or all of the above.

Profit margins are being squeezed while business requirements increase in complexity. It’s difficult for your small IBM i team to keep up with all of the opportunities to improve efficiency across the organization.

With a strong knowledge of business as well as Friedman Frontier/HFA development, Silveredge can leverage your IBM i business logic to help your team deliver more ergonomic workflow that will satisfy your management and customers while bringing new cost-savings to your company.

Modernize Your Order Entry & Other User Interfaces

HFA has a strong item configurator capability for order entry and manufacturing, giving customers the ability to order custom items in full detail.

Silveredge knows the item configurator inside and out. We have implemented web-enabled front-ends to make its functionality available to customers and salespeople online.

If your users require other browser-based applications, Silveredge can implement those, too. Because we’ve helped so many IBM i teams create new Friedman Frontier/HFA user interfaces, we know the technologies, we know the tools, we know the pitfalls. That means less stress for you, faster delivery, and far fewer headaches on the line.

Extend Friedman Frontier/HFA Functionality

Automate new processes, deliver data analytics dashboards, add barcode or RFID data collection, integrate with mobile and Web services….name your priority.

Silveredge business analysts and developers have expertise in the full range of technologies used to extend Friedman Frontier/HFA implementations – and the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. We can immediately enhance your team’s ease-of-use and productivity to deliver custom functionality in record time.

Integrate with Other Systems

More than ever, our Friedman Frontier/HFA customers find themselves facing complex integration projects. A new warehouse system, shipping software or taxation module, a corporate acquisition or merger, providing or consuming web services….the list is endless.

Silveredge combines exceptional project management skills with technical expertise to deliver reliable, auditable integrations with minimal oversight from our clients.

Expand Your EDI Capabilities

EDI mapping and data translation is an intricate, time-consuming task that can distract your development teams from other important projects.

When you need to implement EDI with a new business partner or enable new types of EDI messages, skip the “how do we do this again?” phase with Silveredge. Frequent EDI projects — coupled with our intimate knowledge of Friedman Frontier/HFA systems — keeps us up-to-date and efficient.

Get It Done Right. Now.

No need to stress over Friedman Frontier/HFA projects. When you rely on Silveredge’s technical proficiency, broad business experience, and our ability to think outside the box, you end up with impressively practical, efficient solutions that get the job done. On time. Without drama.

Contact us to set up a free consultation, and be sure to ask us for a Friedman Frontier/HFA reference!

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