RMA’s enabled thru email to customers

September 4th, 2009

Silveredge had the opportunity to aid the customer service department at one of our clients by enabling them to automate return merchandise authorization shipping labels via email.  Utilizing the IBM i (System i AS/400), the system converted the RMA report into an HTML formatted email which is sent directly to the customer.  As part of that process, the program calls a web socket utility at UPS ultimately resulting in UPS transferring GIF images of all labels back through the web socket.  Those images are then stored on a server and the link is embedded in the HTML email. 

The ERP software utilized is of no consequence; this approach can be utilized universally.  Additionally, although this application was specifically for RMA’s, any application requiring shipping labels to a remote or customer/partner location could use this template solution.

Nightly and Monthly job Automation

September 4th, 2008

Silveredge’s customer had a 30 page nightly run list for operations, and a monthly job run to match.   The job stream had been developed over years of operations and was prone to human error causing significant impact to their business.  We unraveled some 1,000 jobs, found the dependencies, and completely automated the batch processing using IBM Advanced Job Scheduler.  The result is a much shorter nightly job processing window with consistent and stable results.  The client has saved many thousands of dollars annually due to staff reduction.  Additional savings due to business continuity and problem resolution are enormous.

Email spool files without costs!

June 4th, 2008

Silveredge is adept at utilizing freeware to convert spool files to pdf’s and emailing them out to appropriate users or customers.  We utilize this facility internally and have implemented the solution at several clients.  While not as robust or configurable as software products available for a fee, it gets the job done effectively.

SAP Project on time and under budget using IBM i

June 12th, 2003

Silveredge achieved tremendous success (and earned a great recommendation letter) by implementing SAP in an AS/400 shop.  The project went in on time, under budget, and the client is able to manage their ERP system without expensive ongoing costs.  An SAP high level project manager was engaged two months prior to cutover for a few days to verify the implementation met SAP’s project methodology and processes.  The project plan and execution were approved by SAP to reassure management the project was on track.  Silveredge handled legacy data loading, technical infrastructure, Basis and ABAP, and project management.  We stressed the need for early conversion of master data for testing, ensuring data that was meaningful for the business.  With strong existing knowledge of their business, that process was especially efficient and had early delivery.  With early and strong involvement of the customer business owners, we were able to accomplish the task in less than a year and with a small budget for this mid-size manufacturer.