AS/400 or IBMi Data to Excel: SHORTCUT!

April 19th, 2022

If you’ve ever had to export AS/400 data to an Excel file, the process may have looked something like this:

  • Create an AS/400 query to extract your data.
  • In the query, send the results to an output file.
  • Use Access Client Solutions (ACS) to download that output file to an Excel file on your PC.

With the ACS Run SQL Scripts feature, though, you can make that process even easier.  After running an SQL script to select your data, the output is displayed in the results window on the bottom portion of your screen.  To create an Excel file, simply right-click on the result data and select “Save Results…” to save the results to any number of file types, including Excel.  (If the Save Results option isn’t enabled, you can enable it with Settings/Preferences or Options > Enable Save Results, depending on your ACS version.)  You’re welcome!