PHP Programming for IBM i, iSeries & AS/400

Transform your RPG applications with new user interfaces and modern functionality using PHP

You’ve heard that PHP is one of the most powerful ways to modernize and extend your IBM i business applications. Its ability to render modern user interfaces and integrate with other systems make it a natural partner to RPG’s efficiency with transactional processing and other business functions.

You would like to leverage the power of PHP to take your IBM i applications to the next level. It’s relatively easy to learn, and your IBM developers are perfectly capable.

How long will it take to acquire the new skills needed to build reliable, business-ready PHP applications? The language, UI design best practices, integration with IBM i, performance…

You can skip the PHP learning curve with Silveredge. Our experience integrating PHP and RPG means that you can deliver business-quality applications in a fraction of the time.

Because we know both PHP and RPG, you’ll get applications that leverage the strengths of each language. Plus you’ll see how our experience with using graphical UIs to streamline business processes can improve user efficiency.

You can count on Silveredge to deliver quality PHP solutions for a variety of projects.

Project Proficiencies

  • New PHP Applications Using IBM i Data
  • Web & Mobile Interfaces to RPG Business Logic
  • Web Services (Consuming or Providing)
  • Graphical Reporting & Dashboard Applications
  • Document and Report Management
  • Integration with Cross-Platform Applications

Get our advice on the most efficient way to leverage PHP to transform your existing RPG applications into modern marvels.