RPG Programming for IBM i, iSeries & AS/400

Help your development team deliver RPG enhancements, new applications, GUIs & complex integrations in record time

Your RPG applications have been efficiently driving your business for years. You have a small, dedicated staff to maintain them.

But business requirements have escalated. You’re being asked to integrate with new technologies, new devices, new platforms, new databases. Then a developer retires.

You need to hire more people, but you can’t find the right mix of skills.

Count on the analysts and developers at Silveredge to augment your staff with the RPG skills they need.

Far more than “just programmers,” Silveredge offers a strong mix of business and technical expertise plus experience with most IBM i business applications and ERP packages.

With years of experience in all flavors of RPG and complementary technologies – and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t based on real-world implementations – we can immediately enhance your team’s productivity, regardless of the challenges you face.

Technical Proficiencies

  • Free Form RPG
  • Embedded SQL
  • DB2 for i
  • RPG IV
  • RPG II
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development

Project Proficiencies

  • New Development with RPG
  • Browser-based & Mobile Interfaces
  • Enhancements to RPG Business Logic
  • Integrations (ERP, EDI, IBM i or Cross-Platform Applications)
  • Graphical Reporting & Dashboard Applications
  • Web Services (Consuming or Providing)
  • RPG Procedures & Service Programs
  • Conversion to RPG Free
  • RPG Maintenance

Get our advice on the most efficient way to help your IBM i team impress management and end users with modern functionality and interfaces.