Free-Format RPG Development for IBM i

Prepare RPG business logic for new developers, greater efficiency and easier integration with RPG Free

You see the elephant in the room. Your valuable IBM i business logic has been written in several versions of RPG over many years, maybe even decades. It still works reliably. So as long as you have developers who understand the code — and it supports your new development — no problem, right?

But you know your IBM i team will face a retirement or two in a few years. And new business requirements will likely demand modularized code.

You need to prepare for the future now.

Make the move to RPG Free to protect your investment in RPG. Free-format RPG is more readable. It’s easier to code and read declarations, and it contains new features that cannot be offered in fixed format.

Perhaps best of all, Free-Format RPG looks like any other modern language, so the next generation of IBM i developers can quickly understand your business logic.

Silveredge has enthusiastically embraced Free-Format RPG as the new standard for IBM i development.

We can help you build new applications in RPG Free. We can extend your older business logic with modern functionality using RPG Free. And we have the knowledge and experience to transform your legacy RPG into modern code that new hires can maintain and extend.

Call us to discuss practical strategies for using RPG Free to keep your IBM i applications at the forefront of your business.